In 2020, HerbalDome saw an opportunity to bring a safe and convenient solution to both commercial and residential markets. At the user’s command, HerbalDome continually releases a low level of all-natural mosquito repelling fragrance that lets you enjoy the outdoors, without fear of disease-bearing mosquitos.


  • The patented smart HerbalDome system, starts with an intelligent diffuser that speaks to your smartphone/mobile device, and releases the proper amount of oil at the right rate.
  • It’s made from the plant-based oil from Australia’s Lemon Eucalyptus tree. Proven by the CDC to be effective in repelling mosquitos. It’s without the chemical smells or concerns of DEET
  • Eliminates the threat of mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, West Nile, Dengue or Chikungya disease.
  • Diffusers can be integrated with outdoor fans to increase coverage for any outdoor gathering.
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